Why We Love Yoga – And We Mean LOVE Yoga

The Health Benefits of Yoga & Not Just An Improved Smile

The list of the benefits that yoga gives are extensive and it’s no wonder why yogis are so passionate about their hobby. If you were to ask a yogi what yoga can do for you, here’s a condensed list of what they might say.

Yoga is an activity for beginners all the way to experts. That means that you can jump in no matter your skill level, and there are always ways to improve, so even the masters can still strive to get better. It’s an activity for life.

The deep breathing and meditation done during yoga causes your body to go in a mode that is concentrated just on your movements and breathing, blocking out the daily stresses that weigh heavy on our mind. Yoga is possibly the most effective de-stressor out there.

The benefits of the strength training from yoga are almost endless. Specifically, yoga focuses on strengthening the muscles around the spine. This results in a better posture which helps to alleviate back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Also a benefit of strength training, the poses in yoga work muscles that daily life doesn’t necessarily work. That means that muscles are being developed, built, and strengthened, making you overall stronger.

Yoga also increases flexibility, which is a benefit in itself, but also has benefits of its own. Stretching out the intestines can relieve constipation, irritable bowels, and even acid reflux.

Flexibility also stretches out the muscles, elongating them, giving you that long and lean look.

On top of all of this, yoga classes encourage a better overall way of life that includes healthy eating and hydration. Yoga combined with a healthy diet can transform your life completely, making your body healthier in all aspects.

The benefits of yoga are endless, but the best benefit of all, possibly, is that it encourages a healthy way of life. A healthy way of life combined with the physical benefits of yoga, will have you feeling stronger, more energized, and just healthier. So take the yogis advice (and Dr. Cary LaCouture’s advice), go out and try a yoga class.