Understanding Cosmetic Dentistry

CaryLaCouturePhotography_picture.of.the.week (30)A smile has the power to change a day and an attitude.  Unfortunately, when someone is trying to hide stained, crooked, decaying, or missing teeth in their smile, they can easily fade into the background and hide their smile.  Cosmetic dentistry offers solutions to all of these problems and help give you a healthy smile that is worth smiling about!

Common Cosmetic Dental Problems

  • Discolored & Stained Teeth
  • Cavities & Chipped Teeth
  • Crooked & Gapped Teeth
  • Decaying & Missing Teeth


Discolored & Stained Teeth

Over the course of time, the drinks and food we consume can make teeth discolor from white to a yellow color.  Exposure to teeth staining is a common occurrence in our culture with coffee, wine, smoking, and other foods.  Teeth whitening cosmetic procedures offer fast results performed by professionals who understand the safety concerns of teeth whitening.

Cavities & Fillings

Older dental techniques involved filling cavities with metal.  However, the color of these fillings is a stark contrast to the pure white of enamel.  Fortunately, there are more aesthetically pleasing solutions today, using ceramic and acrylic filling materials.  These newer materials blend in better with the natural coloring of teeth.  Many adults look to replace their old fillings with newer, more natural colored fillings.

Crooked & Gapped Teeth

Many adults find themselves with adult teeth that are slightly off, creating crooked smiles and gaps between teeth.  Often, bonding is a great solution to resolve minor gapping.  Porcelain Veneers are a more involved solution for smiles that have more issues and discoloration throughout the entire smile.

Decaying & Missing Teeth

Sometimes we see patients who have missing teeth, or teeth that are decayed beyond repair.  Depending on the situation, dental implants and dental bridges may be viable strategies.  These are involved cosmetic dental procedures that include collaboration between the dentist and the patient.

If you find that you are not 100% satisfied with the appearance of your smile, a cosmetic dental consult may be a perfect opportunity to dream about what your smile could be.  Our team in Franktown, Colorado loves working with our patients to create smiles that everyone can smile about!