Top Immune Boosting Habits

Improve Health Colorado Franktown DentistLately it feels like every season is flu season and there is just no way to escape getting sick. But we know how busy your schedules are and you don’t have time for getting sick. So here are some simple tips to boost your immune system and skip the sick days. And not to mention following these tips will make you feel better all around, not just benefit your immune system, so you’ll be able to smile more and show off that smile we’ve helped you with at our dentist office.

1. Get Some Sleep

Oh the joy of someone actually telling you to sleep more! Recent studies are showing that a goodnight’s sleep of 7 to 9 hours is critical to keeping in good health.


2. Get Regular Exercise

To give your immune system a boost, it’s also good to give your cardiovascular system a boost as well. A simple, moderate 30 minutes of exercise everyday is great for your immune system and can even help you feel better if you are sick.


3. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Doctors have been trying to pinpoint foods that boost your immune system for many years now, but speculations are outnumbering evidence and no foods have surfaced as definite immune boosters. But something evidence does support is that overall healthy eating and substituting fruits and veggies for sugary snacks boost the immune system because of the surplus of antioxidants they provide.


4. De-Stress

Stress has been proven to lead to a weaker immune system and more sick days, though scientists are not sure why that happens they have been able to prove that someone who considers themselves stress free is less likely to get sick than someone who considers themselves stressed.


5.  Kick the Addictive Habits

Avoiding nicotine and keeping alcohol consumption low are great ways to build up the immune system.


Overall, keeping your body in tip-top condition makes sense to boost your immunity. When your body is at its best and all organs are in good health it is natural that it would be able to function its best.