Top 5 Foods to Buy Organic

With costs of producing natural foods rising, it is not surprising that food companies are cutting corners on regulations in order to cut their costs of production. In return, the price of organic foods is increasing as the costs to keep production natural is rising. After reading about what chemicals are on some foods, you’ll find that it might be worth the extra bucks to avoid some chemicals.

  1. Beef – Dubbed as the most important meat to buy organic, cattle is often treated with a high amount of estrogen hormones. Doctors are becoming concerned that high intakes of these hormones through beef can put you at a higher risk for cancer. By buying USDA choice organic beef, you’re protecting your diet and yourself from those harmful hormones.
  2. Milk – Since milk also comes from cattle treated with estrogen hormones, their milk passes along those hormones that they are given. Just like organic beef, choosing organic milk is going to keep you and your family away from those harmful, potentially cancerous estrogen hormones. Cows that are certified USDA organic are raised without the high amounts of estrogen.
  3. Strawberries – Strawberries, when eaten non-organic, can be harmful because of the amount of pesticides they are treated with. The bumps on the surface of the strawberry hold these pesticides, and can be hard to wash off and since this is a fruit that is eaten with the skin on, it’s easy to understand why eating non-organic strawberries can be detrimental to your health. It would also be beneficial to buy other skin-on fruits organic for the same reason.
  4. Celery – Like strawberries, celery is sprayed with a high amount of pesticides and has a very porous surface that holds on to those pesticides, just like strawberries. Buying celery organic can keep you from ingesting all of these harmful pesticides
  5. This one might come as a shock to some as it did me. The danger here is not in the food itself, but on the lining of the microwave popcorn bags. There is a toxic chemical found on the linings of some brands bags that keeps the popcorn from sticking to the edges of the bag. Buying organic, pre-popped popcorn protects you from ingesting a potentially toxic chemical.


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