Teaching Your Kids Healthy Routines…Some Of Those Routines Start At Your Franktown Dentist Office!

Teaching Your Kids Healthy Routines And That Can Start At Your Favorite Franktown Dentist Office 😉

Franktown Dentist ColoradoAs parents, we have the job to lay down the foundation for the rest of our children’s lives and the opportunity to instill habits in them now. It’s of course important to teach them the basics such as sharing, treating everyone nicely, and manners, but looking beyond just their primary school years, it’s important to teach them habits and values that will affect their rest of their lives. Debatably the most important of these lessons are the ones on health. Monkey see, monkey do and now is your time as a parent to have the kiddos see so that they can build the habit of doing. Here are some habits in the different categories of health to teach your kiddos.

An Apple a Day

Whether you yourself are dieting or a health guru or not, it’s important that your kids are learning about what is a healthy diet. Try to add some fruits and/or veggies to every meal. Sweet fruits are great for breakfast, crunchy veggies are a fun lunchtime side and dinner is a great time to add both a fruit and veg to their plate. Here you have the opportunity to teach your kids that having fruits or veggies is a natural must for any meal.

Play Everyday

Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I love to talk about the importance of teaching your kids to get physical activity everyday, and not only that but how fun it can be. Just by getting out and playing catch, tag, jump rope, basketball, and running around the playground with your kids for at least 30 minutes everyday, you’re teaching them to get active. As a kid, they’re thinking it’s just play time, but as they get older playtime turns into sports and physical activity and they have the habit of staying active. And trust me, it is easier to have an active kid stay active than to have a cooped up kid get active as an adolescent. Not to mention, getting out with your kid gives you the ability to act like a kid again, yourself.

Brush Twice a Day

A very essential healthy habit to build. With so many possibilities of health complications because of poor dental hygiene, it’s a bit alarming to think of the procedures and costs your child could experience later in life because they never built a foundation of knowing how to take care of their mouth. Proper dental hygiene routines take no more than 15 minutes of each day. Make sure you’re taking that time to encourage and help your kids to brush twice a day and floss once a day. Use scary stories of sugar and plaque monster vs. the Super Toothbrush if you need to. Just please, please be taking the measures now instead of watching your child develop oral diseases later.

Clean Hands are Happy Hands

Believe it or not, even now I still have friends that will walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands. (Insert cringe!)  When I ask them why, they just say they never really have. To me, that is so unsanitary and I know that habit developed during their childhood. Teach your kids how important washing their hands before meals, after going potty, and after blowing their nose/sneezing/coughing is and how many germs are on their hands throughout the day. More hand washing equals less sick days.

A healthy kid comes from a healthy parent. Make sure you’re setting a good example for them now. Not only teaching them what being healthy is, but demonstrate it in your own life. Get active, eat healthy and take care of you body, and watch as your kid does the same.

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