Managing Dental Anxiety For The Sake Of Your Dental Health

girl_sun“Between 5% and 8% of Americans avoid dentists out of fear”, estimates Peter Milgrom, DDS at the University of Washington.  A higher percentage, perhaps 20%, experiences enough anxiety that they will go to the dentist only when absolutely necessary.  Anxiety and fear are very real responses that people deal with everyday and at Creekside Dental, we understand that anxiety may be what is stopping you from getting a dental procedure done, or even getting your regular teeth cleanings.  However, we also understand the importance of regular dental appointments and the connections your dental health have on your overall health.  Our dental team is ready to help you manage your fear of the dentist and take back control of your dental health!


There are many, many causes of anxiety, especially in the dental world.  Direct experiences with a dental procedure is often the most common way a person may develop dental fears.  Many people say they developed a fear from a difficult, and/or painful dental experience.  Sometimes, a personality barrier between the team and the patient can cause miscommunication in a painful experience and lead to further fear.  Sometimes people may develop a fear of the dentist simply from hearing others talk about how they don’t like the dentist.  Still others may experience anxiety at the dentist because they associate sounds and smells to previous medical experiences that caused pain.  Of course, there are many reasons why anxiety can develop and why people avoid the dentist, but we understand that it can be a complicated issue to deal with.


Avoiding the dentist is not an option.  At Creekside Dental, we talk a lot about the direct connections between good oral health and good body health, or systemic health.  If you do not take care of your teeth and your mouth, you are not serving your body well either.  Bottom line:  you need to be coming in regularly to your dentist.


At Creekside Dental, we can help you manage your anxiety of the dentist’s office, while getting the dental care you need to stay healthy.  Our friendly office is really just a photography studio disguised as a dental office!  All around our office, we have displayed photography by our own Cary LaCouture.  We hope that the inspiration and beauty of nature that has inspired Dr. Cary, will help inspire and soothe our patients when they come in!  We also strive to work with each patient if they express that they have a dental anxiety.  Let us know before you come and we will work with you to find a solution to make your appointment work well for you.  We also have anesthesia and mild sedation options that we use regularly on our patients for pain management.  Our doctors can help you discuss if these are appropriate and right for you and your procedures.  We also have a number of counselors and mental health professionals who we can refer out if you want help beyond our office.  Of course, just ask our staff for how they manage stress and anxiety and you are sure to hear a few suggestions (yoga, running, photography, just to name a few!).


At Creekside Dental, in Parker, we want to see our patients healthy.  Mind, body, and spirit.   Take back control of your dental health and talk to our team today about how you can have FUN at the dentist again!