Make Flossing A Integral Part Of Your Routine

The dreaded question at your dental appointment:  How often are you flossing?  You know we all cringe when we have to answer that!  However, if you’ve established a good flossing habit, you don’t have to cringe at this question. Flossing is a vitally important habit to develop because it gets at the smallest, hardest-to-reach parts of your mouth.

Flossing is valuable for many reasons.  Flossing is the key to preventing gum disease and tooth loss.  Flossing also helps keep your gums healthy and avoid bleeding.  Even more, flossing could save you a ton of money on dental surgery. Consider this: A little $2 container of floss and a few minutes per day could save you a bill for tens of thousands of dollars a few years down the road (and a lot of discomfort).

Here are a few quick tips to help make flossing work for you:

• Use whatever method works best for you. Old-school ribbon floss and Y-shaped flossers are two different ways to floss.  There are also special types of floss for those with braces.

• Work the floss between your teeth gently, in a sort of sawing motion. This helps remove buildup, as well as protect your gums from harsh motion.  Pull the floss sideways and scrape off the insides of your teeth in an up-and-down motion.

• Don’t forget the your back teeth! A lot of gunk can build up here, and a lot of people forget it since it’s in the back.  Plastic flossers are helpful to reach these back crevices between molars.

• Develop the habit:  Set a reminder on your calendar to floss.  Others have found keeping floss handy in your purse or desk is a good reminder to floss.  Just do it.  Figure out what works for you and your life and just start!

Flossing may be the best habit you can develop today for your health. Flossing is a vital part of your oral health, which has a direct relationship on your systemic, overall health.   So, what are you waiting for?  If you haven’t flossed yet today, go grab some floss and do something good for yourself today!