How Are You Doing On Your New Years Resolutions?

New Years Resolutions – Your Friendly Reminder

dental health colorado, parker dentist adam willisWe’re all guilty of creating resolutions and forgetting about them, or even just neglecting them. For some, it takes 3 months to stop pursuing your resolution, for others it’s three weeks, and for some the end of the pursuit happens the day after all of the New Years festivities. I have seen it happen countless times, not only personal experiences but I worked at a gym for a few years and it was no coincidence that the gym was always packed the first three weeks of January, but then slowly returned to normal business come February. Now that you’ve been reminded of your resolution it’s time to get motivated again and commit to your resolution. Here are the 4 R’s of keeping a resolution that will help you get back on track and stay on track (and hopefully never go back)


It’s important to look back and reflect on your resolution and think back to what caused you to choose it in the first place. Why was this goal important to you? Why did you think you needed to make a change? You originally created the goal for yourself because it would improve your lifestyle and benefit you in the long-term, so it’s time to make sure that the dedication wasn’t short term. After reflecting on your goal, hopefully the motivation and determination to pursue your resolution has sparked up within you again.


After reflecting and getting re-excited for your goal, remember to make sure it’s realistic. Will you be able to make time for it? Is the transition too abrupt/is there enough adjustment time? An unrealistic goal will never be able to be reached and that is not the point of a resolution, so make sure that the resolution will push you to be better, but also not push you to give up on the goal altogether.

Route it Out

Create a plan for your goal, just because you have the goal back in your mind doesn’t mean you have to start back in it full throttle. If it wasn’t a challenging goal, you probably wouldn’t have stopped pursuing it. Since it is challenging, you don’t have to tackle it all at once, come up with a plan or schedule where you start small and build up to the point where the resolution is just your habit. If your goal is to eat healthier, try starting out by eating healthy three days a week, and increase the days a week until eating healthy is a part of your daily lifestyle.

Reward Yourself

Now make sure your reward doesn’t offset your resolution, but keeping a resolution is hard and celebration is one way to keep your motivation. If you’re following your plan that you routed out, work in a reward day into that plan. Going back to the eating healthy example, if you have successfully eaten healthy three days a week for three weeks in a row, treat yourself to a healthy dinner out, instead of making your own dinner. After your reward day, keep moving forward in your plan and turn those three healthy eating days a week into four days a week.

We’d love to hear your goals and success stories, please feel free to share with us in the comments below and help create a community of support.

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