What To Expect From A Routine Dental Cleaning At Burning Tree Family Dentistry of Franktown

BT WordPress Header LogoFrom a young age, it was probably ingrained in you to go to the dentist twice a year for a checkup. At Burning Tree Family Dentistry, we are firm believers in the power of these regular checkups, mainly because we are firm believers in PREVENTION! Routine oral exams are the key to preventing costly, painful, and extensive dental procedures later down the road. Not only that, routine oral exams help keep your mouth (and your body as well) healthy and operating the way it should. Routine dental checkups have a few main parts, each with a specific focus:



Twice a year, your routine dental exam includes a deep cleaning on your teeth. While brushing at home and flossing at home are great to remove plaque, only dental instruments can remove calculus, or tartar. The goal is to remove tartar from above and just below the gum line. This may involve ultrasonic instruments and hand instruments to break the tartar layer down and off the tooth.



During your routine exam, your dental hygienist will check your teeth for potential cavities. They will also check the gum line around each tooth to look for any concerns with the health of your gums. Also, after the dental hygienist finishes the main cleaning, one of our board certified dentists will examine your mouth.



Once the tartar is removed, the process of polishing removes plaque and other surface stains. Often, a polishing cream is applied to the teeth with a small rubber cup or brush, which helps scrub away stains.   This polishing ream often has a gritty feel and water is used to wash it away.



X-rays may be taken during your exam.   X-rays are not required at every dental cleaning and your dentist, along with your dental history, may dictate how often you need to have these done. X-rays help our dental team see where cavities have formed and how involved they are to treat.


Treatment Recommendation

If cavities, or other concerns are found during your dental cleaning, our dentists may make recommendations of possible treatment options. Sometimes, we make recommendations to talk to specialists, such as a periodontist, oral surgeon, or orthodontist. If a treatment option is recommended, we typically will schedule you for a future date and our billing staff is happy to help you understand the fees and insurance options associated with those treatments. We always want to make sure we are educating our patients and giving them the information they need to make wise decisions.


When you walk into Burning Tree Family Dentistry, you can expect that our staff is concerned about your health first and foremost. And when we say “Health”, we mean your entire body. We understand that prevention is the best way to keep your mouth healthy, and therefore your overall body healthy as well. Regular dental cleaning appointments are the best way to ensure that you are maintaining proper oral health, and managing issues before they cause more problems.