5 Things You Need To Know About Veneers

Burning Tree Smile DesignDental veneers are a common treatment that you will hear mentioned on a fairly regular basis. Veneers have grown in popularity and the technology behind them has grown as well! Veneers are not the only option you have and it is important to understand what they are, what you can expect, and how to protect them over your lifetime. Veneers are a dental treatment that is used as a solution for worn tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment, chips and cracks, and abnormal spacing. Veneers are made from composite or porcelain and are generally, extremely durable. While veneers are considered an investment, we have seen extremely good results and patient satisfaction.

Here are 5 things you need to know about veneers today:

Veneers are not for everyone. Veneers are not for everyone, and it is important to talk to our dental team to see if you are a candidate. Our team will also explain to you any other options you may have for treatment. The reason we take this consultation so seriously is because veneer treatment involving tooth preparation is a permanent treatment. Once you and our team determine that veneers are the proper treatment, our team will do a thorough review of the teeth and begin preparing your teeth for the procedure. We call this process “smile design”. We look at the shape, length, width, and color options for veneers and how that will look when the veneer procedure is complete.

Veneers Take Time. The dental veneer procedures typically take two or more dental visits over the course of six weeks. Each visit may take a few hours of examination and tooth preparation. Often, anesthesia accompanies these procedures so that you are as comfortable as possible.

Smile Design. As we mentioned earlier, our dental team will work with you to design your new smile. If your veneers are made of composite, much of the smile is actually designed during the procedure. If your veneers are composed of porcelain, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth, which helps an outside dental lab to create the actual veneer. However, there is an art to making any veneer fit and work with your mouth just right! Just consider our dentists to be artists creating the perfectly sketched out smile!

Veneers Are Strong. Veneers are extremely durable and have been seen to last for many, many years before requiring replacement. However, they do require monitoring to ensure that they are lasting and holding up well. Seeing your dentist and hygienist for regular examinations and dental cleanings is important for maintaining the health of your mouth and longevity of your veneers.

Protect Your Veneers. Veneers may chip or fracture, just as many other porcelain restorations. If a veneer becomes damaged, it typically needs to be replaced, as there are not repair options. To avoid damage, take care to avoid nutshells, bones, and other extremely hard foods. You should also take care to avoid using your teeth to open or tear packages.